About Us!

Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012, with a goal of establishing ourselves as an industry leader for impact investing, Armadilo is a private investment company that seeks out innovative opportunities that offer exceptional returns for clients and managed portfolios.

By financing pre-seed startups through to growth stage technology companies, Armadilo seeks to promote innovative technology from concept to market, while recognizing that generating positive social impact must run alongside financial returns. From the outset, we have been involved in numerous joint ventures across the globe, helping investors meet their long-term financial targets while also helping companies achieve their business goals.

Specializing in advanced technology, and specifically innovative tech in emergent markets that offer higher yields through stronger market share, Armadilo offers unmatched industry insight and a client-focused investment solution that builds investor confidence while meeting financial objectives.

Our Team

Drawing from a wide range of positions across industries, our team brings vast experience in value generation and exceptional insight into opportunities throughout different technology fields. Dedicated to identifying and managing exceptional opportunities for clients that offer impressive ROI and a broader impact both on the industry itself and in terms of the social influence technology can deliver, Armadilo offers a unique outlook that embraces positive outcomes for investments and technology.

We offer a client-focused solution, with our expert team providing the support and guidance investors need to maximize their performance through careful investment choice and portfolio management.

Why Choose Us?

By delivering a comprehensive service for investors, we identify, assess and recommend high-quality investment opportunities that not only have the growth potential to meet financial goals, but that also deliver a positive social impact that meets client values.

Our client-focused service seeks to understand the individual’s wealth goals and community values, identifying investment vehicles that deliver social and financial success in tech industries that can make a difference to the world around us.

We offer a full-service investment solution, from initial research and opportunity identification to risk assessments, portfolio management and comprehensive reporting. Our skilled, experienced team oversees every aspect of a client’s investment wealth, providing a bespoke experience that allows each individual to achieve the growth targets and overall outcomes they are looking for.

Leveraging our deep industry expertise and global connections, our investment solutions are built on advanced analytic capabilities that deliver high-yield ROIs for clients and impressive support for innovative technology across the world. Ethical investing delivers a positive impact for the wider world without compromising overall growth performance, granting a unique investment experience that fulfills all client objectives.

Our Focus

Led by both our own values in seeking out innovative technology opportunities that offer a combination of growth potential and social value, as well as our expertise across the field that enables unmatched insight in identifying superior investment vehicles, we focus on supporting advanced technologies and innovative tech startups around the world.

In particular, we seek out opportunities in emerging markets, where higher yields can be gained through larger market share potential, but also offer a greater societal impact as well. With this approach, we enable impressive investment growth and achieve our goals for positive influence beyond the financial too.

Our Clients

By seeking out innovative tech opportunities from pre-seed through to growth stage development, with a particular focus on those that provide a positive social outcome and high-yield growth, our client-first investment solutions are suitable for a broad range of investors at every stage of their wealth journey.

Bringing value-based investment together with an ethical approach that also recognizes the importance of positive social influence through our activities, our clients enjoy not just high returns, but enjoy the confidence of investments that also improve the world around us.

Whether you are looking to build an investment portfolio for the first time, or seeking a more ethical approach to build on an existing portfolio, our client-focused service and dedicated team of experts deliver both the experience and outcomes you deserve.

Our Strategy

As industry experts, we understand the importance of technology in shaping the future. Innovative tech is the building block for tomorrow’s world, and tech that becomes widely adopted can be an incredible opportunity for growth.

Using our team’s vast industry experience and cutting-edge technical analysis, we identify new businesses with the potential to deliver that impressive growth. For every client, we offer guidance from opportunity selection onwards, matching investments with each individual’s risk profile to craft a unique strategy that meets their objectives while reflecting their own values.