Armadilo Investments

Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012, with a goal of establishing ourselves as an industry leader for impact investing, Armadilo is a private investment company that seeks out innovative opportunities that offer exceptional returns for clients and managed portfolios.

Securing Your Future

Armadilo Investments seeks out exceptional investment opportunities that embrace innovation, and cutting-edge technologies that offer transformational solutions for industries. By supporting businesses that shape our future, we identify investment opportunities that deliver impressive growth potential and long-term outcomes that benefit all.

Our highly experienced team brings detailed insight across multiple industries, allowing Armadilo to identify potential new investment opportunities early. Seeking out pre-seed startups and growth stage technology companies alike, we promote innovative technologies from concept to market, creating value for investors and portfolios, and delivering exceptional results. ...

From our 2012 launch, Armadilo has delivered fresh insight and a unique perspective on technology across multiple industries throughout the global market. Providing a blend of technical skills, strategic insight and financial analysis, we deliver outstanding growth for investors and client portfolios through carefully chosen opportunities.

A Full-Service Investment Team

Armadilo provides a full range of investment services, from detailed research that identifies investment opportunities to due diligence that ensures startups at every stage of the business cycle represent long-term stability and growth. We deliver a bespoke solution for any investor, creating a growth strategy that reflects individual risk profiles and return expectations.

Through our investment solutions, we not only support portfolio growth for investors, but provide the funding that delivers innovative technology to the market, pushing current boundaries and redefining the future across a broad spectrum of industries.

Services and Solutions

We offer a broad range of services to discerning investors,
with a goal of providing exceptional ROI while respecting individual risk expectations.


Industry Market Reviews

Good investment strategy relies on informed decision making. To ensure you always know the potential of...


Feasibility Studies

By examining all relevant factors in a project, we can quickly highlight issues and challenges, as well as overall...


Strategic Consulting

We help investors create long term growth strategies that meet their financial objectives, delivering strong...


Due Diligence Studies

Through our comprehensive due diligence solutions, we allow any investor to embrace new opportunities through...


Investment Opportunities Sourcing

Leveraging the vast experience of our team of professionals, who bring exceptional...


Portfolio Planning and Management

Our highly experienced team will work with you to develop an effective approach for...


Accounting Services and Tax Advisory

Providing fully integrated accounting services alongside our investment guidance...


Risk Mitigation Consulting

For any investment or organization, understanding risk is key to building future growth. Our expert...


Legal Consulting

Thanks to innovations in communications and more, the world is a much smaller place than it has ever been...

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